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1 - Setup

The following guide will show you how to build a task list application for iOS using SwiftUI.

Before getting started, you will need the latest version of Xcode. This tutorial was written with Xcode 12.5.1. In addition, you should have a decent familiarity with Swift.

1-1 Create the App

Once you've installed the latest version of Xcode installed, Click File > New Project and select App

Fill out the information on the form similar to the screenshot below. These are recommended values however they are not crucial to complete this tutorial:

  • Name: "Tasks"
  • Organization Identifier: "live.ditto". However, feel free to use your own value here.
  • Interface: SwiftUI
  • Life Cycle: "UIKit App Delegate"
  • Language: Swift

And finally click "Next" and select a directory to create the application.

1-2 Add dependencies (Cocoapods or Swift Package Manager)

Follow the instructions on the Installation page for iOS to use CocoaPods or Swift Package Manager.