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Create a new project with cargo init --bin and add the following to your Cargo.toml file.

[dependencies.dittolive-ditto]version = "1.1.9"
cargo build


use dittolive_ditto::{identity, prelude::*};
let ditto = Ditto::builder()    // creates a `ditto_data` folder in the directory containing the executing process    .with_root(Arc::new(PersistentRoot::from_current_exe()?))    .with_identity(|ditto_root| {        // Provided as an env var, may also be provided as hardcoded string        let app_id = AppId::from_env("REPLACE_ME_WITH_YOUR_APP_ID")?;        let shared_token = std::env::var("REPLACE_ME_WITH_A_SHARED_TOKEN").unwrap();        let enable_cloud_sync = true;        let custom_auth_url = None;        OnlinePlaygroundV2::new(            ditto_root,            app_id,            shared_token,            enable_cloud_sync,            custom_auth_url,        )    })?    .build()?;

Suggested App Filesystem Structure

Rust doesn't prescribe any particular structure for your project's layout on the end user's device filesystem. The following is one recommendation

  • AppRoot/AppExecutable - The path of your app's executable. Everything else should be relative to this. The binary component of Ditto may optionally be statically linked into this executable (default).
  • AppRoot/libdittoffi.dll - The path to the binary ditto library if using the shared library version. Configure your app's linker to search for the library here (e.g. @executable_path/../libdittoffi.dylib). You will need to copy this shared library from target/<profile>/build/dittolive-ditto-sys<hash>/out when distributing your app.
  • AppRoot/ditto_data/ - Base directory for all locally stored Ditto data.

Cross Compiling with the Ditto Rust SDK

The rust compiler is natively capable of cross-compiling for a wide range of targets. You will need to configure a local .cargo/config.toml file in the root of your project directory to provide the necessary rustc, linker, and potentially C compiler arguments. For most targets you will need to provide an alternative sysroot for your target (not host) platform, often exposing a POSIX C library, header files, binutils, and a linker.

Common Issues

I get an error: "error: could not find native static library dittoffi, perhaps an -L flag is missing". What should I do?


The Ditto SDK script failed to download an appropriate ditto binary for your target platform. Look at the build script's log at target/<profile>/build/dittolive-ditto-sys-<hash>/stderr for any errors.

Check your internet connection is live and Ditto version number is correct. Inspect the downloaded library in the cargo build cache (default is target/<profile>/build/dittolive-ditto-sys-<hash>/out/libdittoffi.{a,dylib,so,dll}) using your platforms utilties such as file, otool, readelf or similar. Try updating to the latest release of dittolive-ditto. You can also manually download the binary yourself.


  1. Try updating to a more recent version of dittolive-ditto .
  2. Manually download the library yourself and verify it completes successfully.
  3. Force the build script to look for the library in a specific directory by exporting DITTOFFI_SEARCH_PATH during compilation and execution.